We invest in early-stage companies that meet the built environment's most urgent sustainability challenges.

Our mission

We use a best-in-class assessment, selection and support process to find and develop people, products, and companies to return both ESG and economic benefit.

A clear advantage

Our management team and network of advisors have a deep knowledge and experience in ESG and real estate investment. We are able to recognise genuine commitments to sustainability and identify new technologies, materials and design interventions that can make a meaningful difference, offering greater value creation and maximisising the impact of our portfolio companies, investors, and industry partners.


REAL estate investors




REAL estate investors



“Undivided Ventures have been a reliable and thoughtful growth partner for Audette. They have helped us build a number of high-value commercial relationships and are always ready to contribute their considerable expertise to the problem at hand."

Christopher Naismith
CEO & Founder