Building sustainable pathways for the future of the built environment

Our mission

Our mission is to direct expertise, network and resources to innovations, companies and solutions that are able to make a measurable positive impact to the built environment and which fall within our investment themes of Decarbonisation, Climate Adaptation, Circularity, Nature Positive and Social Value

A clear advantage

We believe technical expertise and insight is critical to making informed decisions about what companies and innovations to allocate resources to.

We also believe diversity of experience makes a difference to choosing the businesses with the biggest opportunities for commercial success and measurable impact.  

Our management team and associates bring deep knowledge and experience in investment, real estate, design, engineering, construction and building operations.

Sustainability is in our DNA, and we are experts in understanding how to measure, manage and report sustainability impact and value.


REAL estate investors




REAL estate investors



“Undivided Ventures have been a reliable and thoughtful growth partner for Audette. They have helped us build a number of high-value commercial relationships and are always ready to contribute their considerable expertise to the problem at hand."

Christopher Naismith
CEO & Founder