Building Impact Event, October 2023

October 26, 2023

As we witness the real-time effects of climate change, following the hottest summer on record, the imperative for impact investing in the Built Environment has never been more pressing. Real estate owners and family offices are at the forefront of embracing this opportunity, but they also face a multitude of challenges in their journey towards sustainable and impactful investments. Together we explored how to incorporate the social and environmental aspects of impact investing into the acquisition and operation of real estate assets and portfolios.

Panelists included:

Arthur Lam; CEO & Co-Founder; Negawatt

Sam Smith; Sustainable Development Manager; Swire Pacific

Dorothy Lam; Co-Founder & Chief Catalyst; Dream Impact

Ariel Shtarkman; Managing Partner; Undivided Ventures


REAL estate investors




REAL estate investors