The Company - Dec 2022 - Structure Pal

February 5, 2024

The unrelenting and sustained reliance of concrete in the built environment is responsible for ~7-8% of global annual carbon emissions and presents a major barrier towards the decarbonisation of construction. There is growing emphasis for practitioners to find sustainable alternatives to concrete, to mitigate emissions from this challenging sector. However, one exciting Israeli ConTech start-up is seeking to reframe this problem. Instead of pursuing alternative materials, Structure Pal has developed a highly effective B2B SaaS platform that leverages A.I. capabilities to eliminate concrete overdesign in building structures, an unfortunately common issue in construction engineering. By addressing the status quo and adopting the ‘use less’ mantra, Structure Pal applies machine learning to optimise the typology (physical layout) of building structures. They achieve this by assessing thousands of different finite element model iterations to pinpoint the most efficient, a completely unique approach that is revolutionising digital engineering solutions for the built environment.  

Having already secured strategic partnerships with major construction firms and developers, Structure Pal has proven on live construction projects that their solution reduces concrete total volume use for residential towers by up to 15%, resulting in substantial economic and ecological benefits. Structure Pal’s fully automated solution also trims onerous traditional design processes from 4 weeks to 1-2 hours, adding substantial value to consulting firms seeking to enhance design quality and efficiency.  

Undivided Ventures is at the forefront of finding sustainable solutions to solve the greatest challenges in the built environment. The feedback we have received from our extensive network regarding Structure Pal’s potential has been overwhelmingly positive. Structure Pal were also members of the first cohort of Undivided Workshops, and we’re excited to continue to develop our relationship!