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The built environment of tomorrow must radically reduce its footprint while providing new levels of social, environmental and economic value. We are building a global portfolio of companies that are addressing wide-ranging challenges, and we are proud of the measurable impacts this is beginning to have.



Net Zero Planning For Real Estate Portfolios.

Clean Robotics

Uses robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence to detect and separate landfill from recyclables.


Holistic data suite for reducing resource use for building owners and tenants

Structure Pal

Eliminating concrete over-design with A.I.

“Undivided Ventures have been a reliable and thoughtful growth partner for Audette. They have helped us build a number of high-value commercial relationships and are always ready to contribute their considerable expertise to the problem at hand."

Christopher Naismith
CEO & Founder

How can we help?

We have decades of experience spanning real estate development, design, engineering, construction, asset management, sustainability consultancy, academia and business. Our deep experience and knowledge of how successful companies are built, combined with our extensive networks and hands-on approach to supporting our portfolio companies, allow us to help companies quickly scale and position them to drive impact and create value.

As the built environment pivots to respond to new realities, evidence of impact, assessment of climate and sustainability risks, and informed analysis of sustainability value and risk is increasingly important. We help investors and early-stage companies futureproof.


REAL estate investors




REAL estate investors