Leading the way to Deep Green

Emerging innovation and sustainable solutions for the built environment

This report describes perspectives shared by ten global industry leaders in interviews during the inaugural Undivided Workshops programme in September and October 2022.  

These leaders came from the following companies:    

Schroders, Grosvenor, Goodman, GLP, Heatherwick Studios, Dexus, Eureka Nova (New World Group), Macquarie Group, Shui On Land.

From our interviews we concluded that the solutions needed most urgently in the built environment were in five key areas:

  • Sustainability reporting
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Whole life carbon
  • Existing asset upgrades
  • Climate adaptation  

This report describes each of these areas of need in detail. We hope that sharing this with the wider market will help focus attention on these areas of innovation and encourage entrepreneurs to continue developing new solutions for our most pressing global challenges.

Please contact info@undivided.vc if you are interested in reading the full white paper.


REAL estate investors




REAL estate investors